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Astrophotography Introductory Nightscape Masterclass

Enjoy this beginner astrophotography course and learn how to shoot at various locations around Australia

Each of our locations have been chosen for their dark skies and scenic coastal views which make for pleasant and rewarding nightscape astro images. Nikon photographer, Steven Morris fell in love with photography by staring at the night sky through a telescope, since then photography has taken him on many journeys. He has inspired and taught many people how to photograph the night sky, who now wow their friends and family with their own photos. Photographing the night sky for Steven is more than a passion, “it’s my life! With every photograph captured your combining the present with the past”.

The course will be a foundation for students to build upon their astrophotography skills.

Course inclusions:

  • Overall course time 5pm – 7.30pm
  • A beginner’s course in astrophotography

Topics Covered

  • Camera noise when shooting higher ISO settings
  • Equipment
  • Exposing for the stars and reading your histogram
  • Camera lenses and what to look out for
  • Manually focusing at night
  • The difference between normal and astro modified cameras
  • Methods on reducing camera noise in nightscape photographs
  • How to shoot large panoramas
  • White Balance settings and why a custom setting is better
  • Apps to help plan your shoots (Weather, Night sky)

What to bring

  • A digital SLR camera
  • Fully charged camera battery
  • Memory card (s)
  • Wide angled lenses
  • Tripod
  • A jacket for the cooler evenings

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Mon-Fri 9-5 PM AEDT.

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