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Wildlife Photography at Melbourne Zoo

Come on a photographic journey through Melbourne Zoo with Nikon and photographer, Cormac Hanrahan.

In this half-day course, you will discover how to overcome challenges typically faced by wildlife photographers and have a chance to capture your own stunning images of a variety of animals at Melbourne Zoo.
Without the ability to direct your subjects, you will need plenty of tricks up your sleeve! Learn the importance of technical elements such as shutter speed and aperture while juggling location specific details such as background and available light to create compelling compositions of wonderful animals.

This course is ideal for people familiar with the basic functionality of their DSLR, who would like to learn techniques and tips specific for photographing animals while further advancing their general photography skills, all in the wonderful environment of Melbourne Zoo.

Course inclusions:

  • Overall course time 9am – 1pm
  • Entry to Melbourne Zoo
  • A short course in Wildlife Photography with Cormac Hanrahan

What you will learn.

  • Technical skills related to equipment used for animal photography (adaptable to other areas)
  • Compositional skills related to animal photography (adaptable to other areas)
  • Tips for anticipating animal behaviour
  • Tips and techniques for working with unique environments of animal enclosures

Topics Covered

  • Camera equipment and settings
  • Choosing the right lens
  • Working with your environment
  • Composition of the photograph
  • Anticipating animal behaviour
  • Angle of view

What to bring

  • A digital SLR camera
  • Fully charged camera battery
  • Your digital SLR Instruction Manual
  • Memory card (s)
  • Lenses
  • Pen & Paper
  • Monopod (optional)

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Mon-Fri 9-5 PM AEDT.

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Wildlife Photography at Melbourne Zoo



Sat 1 Jun, 2019
9am - 1pm
Venue: Melbourne Zoo (Melbourne)
Instructor: Cormac Hanrahan
Wildlife Photography at Melbourne Zoo



Sun 2 Jun, 2019
9am - 1pm
Venue: Melbourne Zoo (Melbourne)
Instructor: Cormac Hanrahan

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