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David Oliver's Hunter Valley Farm

The venue is on David’s farm in the magical Hunter Valley, although we’ll also be shooting in the surrounding landscape as well.

We’ve timed the workshop so you can drive from Sydney, stay overnight in a hotel nearby and make a weekend of it.

From Sydney, take the Maitland exit on the F3 Newcastle Freeway. From Maitland, you want to head to Paterson along Tocal Road. In Paterson, turn left and the road changes to Gresford Road. Continue along for 16 km until you turn right into the small Torryburn Road. If you end up in East Gresford, you’ve gone too far, so turn \ around and look for Torryburn Road, which will now be on your left!

David’s farm is very civilised, but it is a farm! We don’t suggest high heels for men nor bib-n-braces for women! If it has been raining, it could be a little damp under foot if shooting on location. On the other hand, the studio and farmhouse are temperature controlled and clean.


121 Torryburn Road, East Gresford

Phone: (02) 9484 0448