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Rally School Werribee (VIC)

Melbourne 4×4 Training & Proving Ground’
135 Dukelows Road, Mount Cottrell VIC

Travel all the way to the Western end of DOHERTYS Rd (approx 20km from Grieve Parade or 17km from
Fitzgerald Road).
Please be especially careful not to mistake the offset crossroad at Derrimut Road as the end of
At the end of DOHERTYS Rd turn right onto the gravel road.
In approx 400 metres turn left through the main gate of the Melbourne 4 × 4 Training and Providing
Once you have turned left through the front gate follow the road around the bend where you will find a very
large awning structure. Park your car behind this shelter and you can meet us just inside.


135 Dukelows Road, Mount Cottrell VIC

Phone: 02 9521 5300